Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Years ago we had to send our cat, Cooper, to cat heaven.  We still had cans of cat food and didn't have a cat to feed.  One day three full grown cats were sunning on our front porch.  One of the cats was black with a little white on it and had so much hair we called it "Fluffy". 

A few days later another cat showed up.  It looked like "Fluffy" but was much smaller.  We fed the cat and called her "Fluffy Jr."   She was so thankful, she returned the favor by getting knocked up and gave us the 3 kitties pictured above. 

That was 5 1/2 years ago.   They are like basement boys and won't leave or run away.

They are outside cats, but get to sleep in the garage at night.  We have made a kitty condo out of a coffee table on top of an end table, draped in blankets.  They even have a heating mat in there. 

Yes, I've looked in the mirror and "stupid" was on my forehead.   I'm a sucker for animals.   

 I'm still wondering how you can be "dog tired"  when all my dog does is sleep.



Vicki aka Jake said...

You're a good kitty/Daisy mommy. Reminds me of our mom and how she let us bring in all the strays...

My Grama's Soul said...

Came over from Jake's....I think the world of I'm anxious to get to know you a little better.



Vicki aka Jake said...

Ok, I'm back and ya better read this. I CHANGED MY PROFILE PICTURE! And it's YOUR FAULT! So now it's your turn. You got kittys and froggies...blah! Ok, keep the critters but for your profile picture, get one of your mug shots on here. Or I'll find something ugly of YOU!!!

Remember, I'm the BIG sis :)


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said... had me at "Sucker for animals" too. :-)That pic is aDOraBle!