Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Month! Yippee!!!!!

Well it's March 1st, and we can spend money!

Richard got a haircut, shaved his beard and put away the cane.
Daisy got new meat treats from PetCo, where the pets go.

Richard ran the car through the car wash, and put gas in the car.    $48.00 worth.  Whew,  glad we didn't have an emergency,  we'd had to walk, like in the old days.   That's when I would be wishing I lived in that little town again where everybody knows you, and you know everybody, and everybody knows your business, and you know everybody else's business, and if you don't you pretend you do, just so they think you're in the know.....
Not like that here, we don't really know our neighbors.    Next door neighbors, Steve and Shannon have lived there for about six years.   When Steve sees my husband in the front yard he says,

"Hi, how ya doin, Ron"! 

My husband's name is Richard!     

We call Steve,  "Stan".   

Needless to say we laugh about it.

I'll have to tell you about the door bell later. 

in the meantime,



Sue said...

Ha, I hear you on the neighbours. We live in a small town, but in the last couple of years, our neighbours
(elderly when we moved here 20 years ago) have all died. The new neighbours must have come from large towns, and aren't yet used to small town ways.

btw - your big sis sent me!



Vicki aka Jake said...

But don't we miss all the stories we'd hear about someone? Or wonder who Jo had in jail for the night? Or if Herman Ekker would make it walking from the bar back home???

OR vitamins in your fried eggs :)

I love your doorbell....