Saturday, April 16, 2011

who'd thunk!

My brother, David had lung cancer.  He went through 8 weeks of radiation and some chemotherapy at the Veterans Hospital.  He had his right lung completely removed in February, 2010.   He is disabled and can't work.

I talked to David and his girlfriend on the phone last night and he is doing well.   They told me David is going to the YMCA and swimming and sitting in the hot tub.  They also told me they got a computer so David could do some research, play games and other things you can do on the computer.

Did I tell ya, David is 60 years old, a very serious person, and doesn't even know how to the turn the computer on.   Make me laugh.  I tried to explain my e-mail address to him so he can contact me when he gets it hooked up.  WOW, that was a nightmare.  I had to tell him that it's not like the old CB Radios where you push a button and talk, say "roger" and "over and out".  You have to type on it. 

I'd love to be a fly on their wall when he fires the baby up.   He'll be banging his oxygen tank against the wall.

I did come up with a good "Handle" or screen name for him.    He can call himself, "1lungdavid@....."  

 I asked him if he liked it and he said "not really".  Bummer, Richard and I both thought it was a good one. 

Some people just take life too serious.


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Vicki aka Jake said...

Hey, what's up with the snarky screen name? You two are so mentally deranged!! That would be like telling you to be known as notittillie@ mwahahaaa

David don't know the sarcastic side of you Lo. In his eyes you're the sweet little sis with the motherly instincts to take care of us. I'm the one who REALLY know's ya:) Don't burst his bubble...

I think it's a hoot to imagine him on a computer. The only funnier image is Steve sitting next to him trying to figure it out...

Keep me up to date on this one:)

Breaker Breaker
10 4 over and out