Thursday, April 21, 2011


I think the ducks are following me!

Our office moved five blocks south,  lo and behold, a duck hangs out there.

I've named her Mildred.  After sitting in the same spot for a couple of days we decided she was nesting. 

I haven't seen a male duck around, so Mildred must be mate-less.  Thought she might be thirsty so I took her some water in the black tray.   I looked out and she was drinking the water.

 My husband thought Mildred might be hungry so he bought her a doughnut.  I put pieces of the doughnut in a plastic tray and set it by Mildred so she could eat if she was hungry.  Mildred moved to the side when I put the tray down.  I was able to see what Mildred was sitting on.

Mildred has dropped 11 eggs (they are the size of chicken eggs)  Poor Mildred was loaded down. I think they still have a couple of weeks before they hatch.   I can't wait until they start hatching.  Wish I had a motion camera to capture the event. 

If you'll notice, Mildred has lined the nest with duck down.  It looks soft and comfy for the dozen minus one duck eggs.  Amazing!!!!!!!

Keep the dozen minus one ducklings in your thoughts and hope they all are healthy.

Nature is so amazing.   I'll keep you posted.



Pearl said...

How exciting I hope she does well.

Viki said...

Wow that's a ton of eggs. It will be so much fun once they hatch.

Vicki aka Jake said...

Only my lil sis could adopt a wild duck + a dozen minus one:)

It'll be fun seeing how this unfolds er cracks...