Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Holiday

 Well, we survived another Holiday.   We had our daughter and her little family over for dinner.  PaPa cooked a ham with cherry sauce and green peas.  Robyn brought funeral potatoes, I made deviled eggs, fruit salad (my own recipe with mini marshmallows and walnuts) and a delicious bunny bread with raisin for eyes and nose.  Maddie really liked it. 

 The bunny bread was the best, especially since I had given up bread for lent.   I actually took a nap while the bunny was rising and after baking he kind of looks like a mouse.  Maybe, its the angle of the camera.  Anyway, it was yummy.  The grand-kids thought it looked like a bunny, but grand-kids will agree with anything papa and gamma say.   They just love us no matter what.

My oldest granddaughter Hailey, is sitting here playing a game on her I-Pod, my grandson, Ashton was too tired for us and is asleep on the couch.  Maddie who is 6 almost 7 is just being annoying.  However, I wouldn't expect anything else from a mini me.    I have to say being a grandparent is so much fun and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  Five lilies opened today.



Vicki aka Jake said...

I'm still in awe that you even got close enough to the stove to cook! And that Richard let you!

Glad you had the Macy's over for dinner. The kids are growing up so fast. And if little Maddie was being annoying, she's truly a mini you! The babies of the family are always like that :)

And yes I still love ya anyhoo...

Oh, I love that you're following yourself...mwahahahahaaa

CATIZ4PawPaw said...

If I don't follow myself, then I'd only have six friends. Seven had got to be better.
Besides you told me to do that.

Pearl said...

Grand kids are the best! I love your bunny bread its adorable. And the lily is beautiful.