Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Sunday!

Today I was going to do nothing.  However, I ended up doing some yard work and washing windows.  Blah.I can't reach all of the windows, so I just washed the ones that I can see out while sitting on the couch.

                                         I checked the pond and listened to the waterfall.

                                 Watched the fish and wonder if they ever have a worry in the world:

                                            Marveled at the trees and clouds reflection on the water:

                             and especially enjoyed the sight of this seasons first bloom on the pond lily.

        Had a successful and restful Sunday.  Hope all my blog friends and Vicki too had a nice day.



Pearl said...

I would love to have a pond and your fish are beautiful. Have fun!

Vicki aka Jake said...

Ya, mine was good too, after I got the housework done and lawn mowed and watered and stuff. But I didn't do windows.

I can just see you sitting there meditating....

Actually, I can hear you cussing cause you can't reach them windows that are even with the second story but there's no floor by them so all you can do is look out! But I'm proud of you for cleaning the others:)

And wondering about the non stressed Koi babies...

And I love ya lil sis:)

rharper said...

A pond with fishies in it. That's exactly what I need to get for Hank. Of course it would have to be in the living room because he doesn't go outside. That may prove challenging.