Sunday, July 3, 2011

I wasted my day!!!!

My God, I have sat here all day and watched the closing arguments
on the Casey Anthony case.

I'm going to blame it on watching Perry Mason while I was growing up.
I've been waiting all day for the Perry Mason moment when someone in
the courtroom stood up and say, I did it, I did it.  Or better yet,
I was waiting for Jose Baez (the defense attorney) to point to
George Anthony and say he did it.  Well, he basically did that, without the

 I am a paralegal and should know better, but I have to tell you
it is fascinating how an attorney can twist facts and non-facts to
their advantage.  Quite a bit of theater in the courtroom. 

I have followed this case closely and am interested in the outcome,
However, I am probably biased because as a grandmother it makes me
sick to think that George and Cindy Anthony lost their precisious
granddaughter.  I can only imagine their pain.  It would be devasting
at my house to lose a grandchild.  Well, it would break my heart to lose
my daughter as well, but it wouldn't be the same.  I love my kids
very much, but being a grandmother is the better than being a mother.


Glad tomorrow is a Holiday, but I'm not getting up early to
watch the State give their rebuttal closing statement, but you can
bet your sweet tomatoes, I'll be here when the jury comes back with
one of the following:

1.  Not Guilty (acquitted)
2.  Hung Jury (new trial)
3.  Murder (Death Penalty)
4.  Aggravated Child Abuse (life in prison)
5.  Manslaughter (n/years in prison)

  It's up to the jury!!!!!

 I think we all know what jurors can do!

afterall, these 12 jurors,

  acquitted this guy! 

                                  "if the glove don't fit, you must acquit"

My philosophy on life is people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
 and what goes around comes around.  



Breezy said...

I can't imagine losing a child or a grandchild.. it would be devastating!
I hope this jury does the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you how the lawyers can twist the fact. the entire case is "Liars Vs Liars", then Baez summed up with "the truth stops here" Baez put up a soap opera by opening the case with "sexually abused" accusations.

I dont trust the jury system, but I guess this is best we can get. I cant belive 2 jurors dont even own computers in this digital era.

Pearl said...

As far as I'm concerned, if you kill a child it's an automatic "Death Penalty" I worry all the time about my grandbabies and I to feel just like you, I don't know if I could go on. Everytime I saw Cindy (Mom) cry on the stand it just breaks my heart. What a waste of our good tax money to have a trial last this long.
Have a wonderful restful 4th!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I'm sad to say..but I think the jury got it wrong ...again. :-( And to htink the worst thing they could get her on is ..lying?? Really?

Well, maybe she and OJ can share a drink in hell..

just my 2 cents...

Vicki aka Jake said...

Love all the feedback here sis. I'm visiting after the (sickening) fact but have to comment on how many of us think the same of this case.

As far as losing a child...well, you know. I hold my breath always....