Sunday, June 12, 2011

Being a Grandma means everything to me!

I love being a grandma!
I knew when our daughter had children we
would be asked to babysit and be expected
to be there if they needed me.

Well, I didn't realize, when you're are a grandma,
you're a grandma to their pets too.

PawPaw and I had the privilege of tending our Granddog last week.  

 Teddy was a joy, he helped me work:

 Teddy's dad picked him yesterday and I received the following, via phone, 5 minutes down the road,

I think Teddy was worn out or you could say, "dog tired"  when he left Catiz4PawPaw's house after a week.

I must say that Daisy was more than put out that Teddy was here for a week.   She slept on the couch
for two nights.  I wonder who she thought she was hurting?  Ha

Gotta love em!!!!!!!!



Vicki aka Jake said...

Oh that Daisy! I can see the green in her eyes. Is that Paw Paw with a meat treat in his hand? THAT would make Daisy want to run away from home. I can just see her thoughts on that subject:) Teddy's probably as glad to be back home as Daisy is to watch Teddy's whiteness going out the front door! What a pair...

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

What a cutie! Is Teddy a ShihTzu?? Isn't it great to have granddogs? Love it!

Pearl said...

Love my grand doggies too, both of em and ones tiny and ones a monster. When they come over my dog claims my lap like "you can't have her" and then he jumps down to play with them. Silly kids for sure!