Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm terribly sad today!!!!

 I went to work this morning and Mildred was by the water that has collected in the big dip in the blacktop.  Kinda like a pond.   

I hurried to go and check on her eggs and they were GONE!

The nest was empty. 

The nest was covered, I saw a little shell, but nothing from 11 eggs, or one for that matter.
I checked in the nest and there were no eggs or little ducks.  It looks like the grounds people had dug up a sprinkler right by her.  My thinking is the grounds people took the eggs.
I actually checked in the dumpster and there wasn't any egg shells.

I hope who took them thinks they can eat them and gets some type of disease.   Like the quack or something.

After Mildred saw me she took another swim around and flew off.  It was like Mildred was waiting for me to come to work and see that she was okay.

I can't believe someone would take the eggs.  Mildred has been sitting there for over three weeks waiting to be a momma.

I was so excited for her to be a momma and couldn't wait for the eggs to hatch to see the ducklings like this. 

I hope they get their eyes pecked out by a bird or a duck or seagull flies over and shits on their head.  


Even made me cry!!!!!





Anonymous said...

well that just totally sucks! but i am glad that mildred stayed so that you know that she is ok.... she might even come back next year with her new mate. i'm sorry that this happened, i know you have been waiting and helping ~ son's a bitches!

Vicki aka Jake said...


So sorry Lil Sis. I know how your heart breaks at stuff like this.

Karma will get them somehow.....

MOTUS said...

That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard all week. Tweet me the next time Mildred has eggs to protect, and I’ll send Little Mo will guard them.